The Best Auto Glass Repairs in Spring

No matter how slight the destruction may seem, damaged auto glass should always be taken seriously. What many drivers fail to realize is that even the smallest glass chips can turn into large, dangerous cracks, and all in the span of a moment. If you want to remain as safe as possible while on the road, now is the time to invest in auto glass repair. The time and money is certain to be well spent. Invest in your safety and quality of life by ensuring the windshield chip repair to your vehicle is of the highest quality.

The sooner you trust our expert team for your automobile glass repair, the more money and time you can save. Over time, cracks can “spider out,” or slowly collect dust and debris which may make repair an unsuitable or even impossible option. When a windshield reaches that point, you have no choice but to replace it, when a more timely intervention could have saved a damaged – but still functional – windshield. We can evaluate the damage when we examine your vehicle and assess the viability of a repair job versus a replacement.

With more than 20 years of experience in providing repair and replacement, our team is capable of getting the job done to your satisfaction in a timely and efficient manner. Our professionals are fully licensed and insured, which means that you can feel completely confident entrusting us with your auto glass repair needs. We also have a commitment to quality work and customer service, which means we’ll only recommend replacement if the damage has left your glass completely unrepairable.

Why Windshield Chip Repair Is a Good Investment

Our technicians specialize in windshield chip repair. Nearly 30 percent of the structural strength of every vehicle can be attributed to the soundness of the vehicle’s windshield. Even minor windshield damage can significantly compromise the safety of the driver and passengers in your car. Slight changes in pressure can cause small chips to turn into large cracks, and it can happen anytime – including the moment you merge into a busy intersection. It essentially becomes the proverbial “accident waiting to happen.”

Risks and Safety Concerns of Driving with a Damaged Windshield

Driving under such conditions is dangerous for you and your passengers. It increases the likelihood of an accident occurring, and exponentially compounds the probability of damage to persons and property when one does occur. Even a cautious driver can fall victim to the unexpected, and when such a startling distraction occurs, an accident can easily follow. Taking steps to correct such an avoidable hazard will keep you safer, and preserve your peace of mind as well.

Damaged Windshield in Spring, TX

The safety threats of driving with a cracked or damaged windshield are very real. Leaving your windshield in this condition may seem like a necessary step for financial or scheduling reasons, but the reality is that you can’t afford not to address the problem. Even if you don’t intend to drive in hazardous conditions, it’s important to understand that with a compromised windshield, you bring the hazard with you wherever you go. When your windshield integrity is compromised, you suffer from the following safety vulnerabilities:

  • Loss of Structural Integrity in a Front-End Collision
  • Greater Chance of Injury in a Roll-Over Accident
  • Increased Risk of Ejection from Accident Impact
  • Possibility of Ineffective Airbag Deployment

If you don’t want to leave your own safety or the safety of your friends and family to chance, now is the time to consult us for auto glass repairs. Over our years in business, we’ve become a trusted destination for locals to receive the services they need. We’re the resident authorities when it comes to windshield chip repair work, and our customers trust us to do the work right. We’re prepared to help you assess the damage and determine if repair or replacement is the right choice for your car, truck, van, or SUV.

What to Do When You Need an Automobile Glass Repair

Our goal as an automobile glass repair company is to exceed your expectations. We do this by offering outstanding customer service and competitive pricing, no matter where we perform the work. If you fail to tackle glass chips in a timely manner, they can turn into unrepairable cracks. At that point, you will likely need to invest in a total replacement. You can keep this from occurring by handling repair as soon as you notice damage.

All of our experienced technicians are friendly and communicative. There won’t be any surprises for you at any point because we’ll keep you fully informed every step of the way, from assessment to checkout. You can't predict when exactly when glass damage will occur or when you will need auto glass services. This makes it difficult to budget appropriately for necessary repair or replacement. We make it a priority to offer our customers quality service at the most reasonable rates.

Our prices are affordable, and we back all labor services with comprehensive warranties. We are confident in the work our team does, and we want you to feel that confidence as well. You can call ahead for an appointment or simply drop by the shop. Depend on us to provide the effective and affordable work you need. No matter how minor or severe your glass damage is, we can help. We repair the following:

  • Torn or Rotted Rubber Weather Strips
  • Leaks
  • Scratches
  • Cracks
  • Chips

Benefits of Working with Specialists in Auto Glass Repairs

Our company is committed to providing convenience to our customers. We understand that expediency is an utmost concern for many people, and that’s why our team has gone above and beyond to make your repair as effortless as possible. Furthermore, time is a factor when dealing with damaged glass, and we understand that your auto glass repairs should be completed as soon as possible to prevent further damage. We make appointments fast and easy in order to fit your schedule, which means that you will be able to work the repair into your plans sooner.

The technicians we employ have all undergone advanced training, which enables them to repair any minor breakages experienced by vehicles of all different makes and models. Minor damage is considered as small, shallow abrasions, includes dings in windows and windshields, and other imperfections or points of ruin. It doesn’t matter if you drive an import or domestic, because we have the know-how to fix them all.

To further illustrate our commitment to satisfying expectations for customer convenience, we also provide special mobile services which allow us to come to you. Along with auto glass repairs and replacements, members of our knowledgeable staff can also provide window tinting and power window repair. You won’t have to worry about a stuck window letting rain into your vehicle when you rely on us to repair it. We know that damage of all different kinds can occur any time or place, and we meet you where you need us most. Our mobile services offer on-location services that include all of the following:

  • Car Window Glass Replacement
  • Car Window Glass Repairs
  • Windshield Replacements and Repairs
  • Power Window Repairs
  • Car Window Tinting

Need Onsite Auto Glass Repair in Houston?

It is best not to treat a chip in your auto glass as a minor issue. Instead of waiting for your window or windshield to become a serious safety issue, Contact us about coming to your location for your automobile glass repair in Houston and the surrounding areas. Make your windshield chip repair as simple and worry-free as possible by relying on 7 Stars Auto Glass.

Contact us today to schedule your repair and stay safer on the roads. We proudly serve customers in Houston, The Woodlands, Sugar Land, Galveston, Katy, TX, and the surrounding areas.